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Time for School

So I’ve finally decided that its time for me to go back to grad. school. So now I’ve started the long and tedious process of looking at schools and trying to figure out all of the details (you know the small stuff like how the hell I’m supposed to afford this). I’ve obviously lost my mind but I am good at what I do and I really want to teach so its time for me to do this. Wish me luck!


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Real food.



Right this minute, there is someone going through chemotherapy shopping at your grocery store, buying popsicles and…

I think it’s really easy for some people to condemn others for their food choices and say that if we make poor food choices then we deserve whatever happens to us as a result of those choices. This post helps to remind us to be less judgmental of others and that we aren’t always what we eat. Sometimes a box of popsicles or a tub of ice cream is what gets us through a really crappy day at work and sometimes it’s what gets us through a sh*tty round of chemo.


Stop swimming across oceans for people who wont jump a puddle for you.
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Right On Track

So I went to the doctors last week to have my appointment with the dietitian, therapist and bariatric surgeon since I was long overdue (insurance issues) and so now I’m close to the two year mark and I wanted to hear what they thought of my progress.

The dietitian said that I was doing really well and just to remember mindful eating, limit carbonated drinks (I can’t help it I drink a lot of carbonated flavored water) and to increase my vitamin intake (based on some new guidelines).

The social worker/therapist thought that I’m on the right track and have a good mindset about my weight loss and how it had affected various aspects of my life (personal, social, professional, relationships and family etc.) I still struggle with my body image and the desire to be a people-pleaser but she noticed that I have more confidence now and I’m more driven and assertive, especially in my professional life. After thinking about it I’ve decided that I want to check in with her every 2 - 3 months to help keep me on track and she said that was ok.

And my last appointment was with the surgeon. I haven’t seen my doctor in over a year, in follow up appointments I saw the physician assistant (PA) who is awesome too. She was in shock on how much I have changed and although she is definitely not a touchy-feely doctor she said she was really proud of all of my hard work and my progress. She said that I have exceeded her expectations but did warn me that I might see a small amount of weight gain over the next few years (not if I can help it!) We ended our visit by talking about possible options for plastic surgeries and surgeons in the area. I’m really just in the initial phases of looking into my options for plastic surgery for excess skin removal.

I know that I want to have plastic surgery but it’s a major surgery and has a lot of potential for complications and I know that I need to be in the right place mentally, physically and financially before that can happen so I just need to take my time and do plenty of research. Anybody out there have any experience with this or have any tips for me?

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The years between eighteen and twenty-eight are the hardest, psychologically. It’s then you realize this is make or break, you no longer have the excuse of youth, and it is time to become an adult – but you are not ready.
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